The shining | 

September 19, 2006

the shining

Today I came home to the welcoming sight of a building-wide brown out. I parked in darkness and as I fumbled my way to the elevator with only the light of the exit sign, I thought, "Hey, this would make a cool picture..." Tomorrow the headlines read: "Photographer found mugged in unlit basement, car and camera stolen."

I proceeded upstairs and most of the lights in the hall were dimmed or off. Something about it -- maybe just the novelty, made it really interesting to me, so I brought out my tripod for a few photos. Whenever people come over to my place they tell me that it reminds them of a hotel or Kubrick's The Shining. I've never seen the movie (ugh, inexcusable, I know) but this is how I would imagine it to be.

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